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Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner have a lot more in common than just being 29 18-year-old starlets on hit television programs.

With a newly programmed love for luxurious dark weaves, flawless contoured makeup and form-fitting ensembles, the Modern Family actress appears to be the latest teen darling indoctrinated into Kris Jenner‘s Academy for Oversexualized Youth In Search of Corporate Sponsorship and Branding.™

Prior to being kloned, Ariel and Kylie first crossed paths in their original human forms at the innocent age of 11, when both attended the same record release party for Selena Gomez and the Scene in 2009.

It’s amazing what nearly a decade in front of the cameras, a team of handlers, minimal parental supervision and a lot of, um, hard work will do to a gal.

Be forewarned, the revolution will be Snapchatted!

God bless us all.

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is not the hipster he used to be.

Looking much leaner and slightly less coiffed in a good way, the 33-year-old adult hipster did his best emaciated Josh Brolin impersonation (left) at an event celebrating the new single “Can’t Deny My Love” in New York on Monday.

Previously, the devout Mormon hipster shocked fans after transforming from a pudgy-faced, guyliner-friendly hipster in 2005 (top right), into a more clean-cut and impeccably manicured, smooth hipster in 2010 (bottom right).

Being a hipster father of three really changes you.