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The 1st Annual Rebecca Gayheart Drag Festival was held in L.A. yesterday, as celebuspawn turned Joan Rivers sidekick Kelly Osbourne showed off her pretty long haired vegan chef fiancé Matthew Mosshart at a British Airways event — while 16-year-old New Zealand pop star Lorde — aka Ella Yelich-O’Connor — sang her hit single “Royals” at a 98.7 FM party in Hollywood.

Luckily, no one was injured.

Ex Factor
Madonna and Britney Spears have kissed and made up … with their former male lovers.

The 55-year-old reigning Queen of Pop vogued for the camera with her first ex-husband Sean Penn at the premiere party for her visually gorgeous yet pretentious 17 minute “Secret Project Revolution” film in NYC on Tuesday, while the 31-year-old conservatorship lip synching phenom proved there’s nothing toxic about her first boyfriend Justin Timberlake at the IHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas on Saturday.

Reunited and it feels so good … at least for a photo op.

Fun fact: Madge and Brit Brit have most recently sucked face with each other … than with Sean and JT.

A topless Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus posed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and wound up looking as sexy as Ninja, the male singer of bizarre South African rap rave group Die Antwoord.

I fink you freeky, gurl.

The Sparkle Louder Program Launch Event
Just three months after giving birth to daughter North … Oh wait, it’s actually just Rob Kardashian‘s ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon at an event in NYC on Monday.

Honey blonde weaves, caramel skin and bandage dresses can be so deceiving.

Penn Badgley Alert!

September 24, 2013 // Body, Faces, Fashion, Man, Yes!

Spotted: Penn Badgley showing off his hairy chest and toned arms in Rome this weekend.

His sometime lady friend Zoe Kravitz was there too. Yeah whatever.



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Flashdance_30Dust off those cutoff sweatshirts and leg warmers because it’s been 30 years since “Flashdance” made Jennifer Beals a household name by turning her into America’s favorite teen welder by day/dancer who puts on artsy fartsy numbers in a blue collar bar by night.

To commemorate the anniversary, Beals — who looks fantastic at 49 — and her co-star Michael Nouri, 67, reunited at a screening of the Oscar-winning film (for Best Song!) in Santa Monica this weekend.

What a feeling, indeed.

Things learned watching the The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards:

1. The Emmys are so obsessed with death that Ryan Murphy is giving them their own “American Horror Story” season next year.

2. “Modern Family,” Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Jim Parsons need to take themselves out of Emmy consideration. You should be allowed two wins for the same role and then g-bye!

3. Sarah Paulson from “American Horror Story” was robbed.

4. Anna Faris’ new sitcom will never be as funny as her hair & dress last night. Yikes!

5. The Jon Hamm era is officially over, because it’s all about Bobby Cannavale now.

6. Either Kathy Bates or that woman from “The Weakest Link” will one day win an Emmy for the Showtime biopic “The Elton John Story.”

7. If anyone deserves to win an acting award for “Behind the Candelabra” it should really be the HBO wig department.

8. The name Merritt Wever.

9. It’s a good thing Shemar Moore is pretty.

10. Sorry Ron Burgundy fans, but someone needs to make Will Ferrell stop. Like now.

With a tragic reminder of JFK’s assassination, 5 show-stopping death spotlights, the prerequisite In Memoriam tribute, a “Homeland” writer’s posthumous win, Elton John’s snore song about the late Liberace and a coma-inducing performance by Carrie Underwood, the only way the Emmys could have been any more morbid was if they had featured “Walking Dead” extras as seat fillers. If only!

Neil Patrick Harris — How does he do it? I mean, name another gay man that can dance, tell jokes, play straight when he has to and still look good in a suit? Um, on second thought …

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler — Screw Hillary Clinton, they got my vote.

Merritt Wever — Her 11 word acceptance speech did what “Nurse Jackie” couldn’t … make her famous.

Tony Hale — Julia Louis Dreyfus’ acceptance speech did what “Veep” couldn’t … make him famous.

Jon Hamm — He has the hottest beard … next to Kevin Spacey’s date of course. I kid. I kid. Kevin actually brought his longtime (business) partner, Dana Brunetti. Talk amongst yourselves.

Julia Louis Dreyfus — Kudos for having officially turned “Seinfeld” into just another credit on her resume.

Will Arnett — AMBER Alert!

Melissa Leo — She’s won an Oscar & an Emmy but somehow is still being styled by Jiminy Cricket.

Sofia Vergara — From “Chasing Papi” obscurity to highest paid television actress in just ten years. Eva Longoria say what??

Matt Damon — Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t the only person not getting an award for f*cking Michael Douglas.

Michael Douglas — With gay innuendo, estranged spouses and incarcerated children, was that an acceptance speech or a Netflix series pitch meeting?

Connie Britton — In keeping with the “Behind the Candelabra” theme, she wore vintage Liberace velvet upholstery.

Mark Burnett — Praise the Lord he won for “The Voice” and not “The Bible.”

Diahann Carroll & Kerry Washington — Two gorgeous ladies serving a little TV history lesson for the children. While Diahann made waves with her groundbreaking sitcom “Julia,” it really is all about Dominique Deveraux and Olivia Pope. And the real scandal … Diahann is 78!!

Bobby Cannavale — Loved him since “Third Watch” but damn he’s really grown into a fine ass man. Besides dating the gorgeous Rose Byrne, another fun fact: He’s half Italian and Cuban… which makes total sense, I mean who wouldn’t want a slice of his platano.

Julianna Margulies & Dylan McDermott — They look great together & would be perfect in a romcom … if only they could play leads in theatrical movies.

Jeff Daniels — He better be careful, Walter White just put a hit out on him.

Claire Danes — She’ll always be Temple Grandin to me.

Heidi Klum — Singlehandedly has made strapless turtleneck gowns the new fetch. Auf Wiedersehen.

Derek Hough — Yes, we could all make jokes for days about the fact that Julianne Hough’s brother has an Emmy and insert celebrity name here does not. But the honest truth is that the choreography segment was the most entertaining portion of the telecast.  Break a leg, Mr. Hough.

Anna Faris — The Yellow Peril.

Allison Janney — Looked amazing and not just amazing … for her. Just amazing. She should send Anna Faris a thank you card.

Ellen Burstyn — I liked “Political Animals” but everyone knows this award belonged to Sarah Paulson in “AHS:Asylum.”  Don’t f*ck with Lana Winters!

Breaking Bad — The Emmys finally got something right … and I don’t even watch the damn show.


As if Britney Spears‘ vacant eyes, limp moves and monosyllabic groans weren’t enough proof, the lyrics to her latest song “Work B**ch!” finally put to rest any debate as to whether the conservatorship wonder really is one of the walking dead.

Now all those years of rockin’ lifeless weaves make sense.

The price is right for Brad Pitt’s new look.

The 49-year-old Mr. Angelina Jolie thankfully chopped off his long luxurious weave for a new movie and showed off his new cut in London this weekend.

Believe it or not, the new flick is not a Drew Carey biopic.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan‘s birth mutha Dina Lohan — finally ready for her close-up —  in this lovely mug shot after suffering some Friday the 13th bad luck by getting busted for drunk driving on Long Island earlier this morning — and Betsy Palmer as Jason Vorhees’ mother in the classic 1980 slasher flick “Friday the 13th.”

It’s tough raising famous kids.