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2010 Oscars

March 8, 2010 // Award Shows, Oscars

Things learned watching the 82nd Annual Academy Awards:

1. A lot of powerful people in Hollywood really hate James Cameron.

2. The ABC pre-show proves there’s a very good reason why Kathy Ireland was a model.

3. Silver and gold are the colors to wear this season … if you want to look washed out.

4. With apologies to Miley, Zoe and Kristen, but the Oscars just aren’t the same without real Hollywood glamazon presenters like Nicole, Halle and Salma.

5. Musical opening, Brat pack reunion, Taylor, Zac, Jake and Ryan, horror movie tribute and So You Think You Can Dance. Had there been a runway walk off I’d swear I had produced last night’s show. Thank you, Adam Shankman.

6. More than just the accountants at Price Waterhouse know the results before airtime. How else to explain notoriously snubbed director Babs presenting to Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hanks referencing war pic winner “Casablanca” moments before announcing “Hurt Locker’s” win or even former standup comic turned Oscar winner Robin Williams presenting to standup comic turned Oscar winner Mo’Nique?

7. If Mimi & JLo are both on the Oscar red carpet you have ask them about “Glitter” and “Gigli”! Where’s Joan Rivers when you need her?!

8. I thought “Mom, I’m gay” we’re the most difficult words I’ve ever had to utter until … “Sandra Bullock, Oscar winner.”

The Davey beat Goliath Oscars. The War of the Roses Oscars. The Sandra Bullock Won Oscars. Whatever you want to call ‘em, I thought it was one of the faster paced shows in a while…which isn’t really say much! So whether you watched them or not (some people don’t watch the Oscars???) here are my thoughts on last night’s Gay Super Bowl. As always feel free to send me your thoughts and comments. And if you want to be added to my distribution list shoot me an email with your info at:

-Johnny Lopez

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