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Here’s Justin Bieber‘s mom Pattie Mallette doing press for her new memoir “Nowhere but Up” in NYC recently (left) — and Patti Stanger from Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” last year (right).

Only one is 36.

We’re just sayin’.

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Chola Anderson

September 27, 2012 // Faces


A Lil Gay History

September 26, 2012 // Gay, Words

When The New York Times Came Out of the Closet


Charles Kaiser

Grey Villet/Getty ImagesMerle Miller speaking to activists, January, 1971

If you were born after 1970, I think it is nearly impossible to imagine how it felt to open up The New York Times Magazine on a Sunday morning in January 1971 to discover “What it Means to be a Homosexual,” a deeply personal and beautifully written piece in defense of homosexuality.

Nothing like this had ever been printed in a newspaper like the Times before. I was a junior at Columbia University in the City of New York when the novelist and journalist Merle Miller’s piece appeared, and I had undoubtedly purchased the Sunday Times at a newsstand on Saturday night. But I’m sure I didn’t share my fascination with his article with any of my classmates on Sunday morning.

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Chin Chin

September 26, 2012 // Emmys, Faces

Emmy Beauty.


September 26, 2012 // Faces

Only 41 days until Halloween …

2012 Emmys

September 24, 2012 // Award Shows, Emmys

Things learned watching the 2012 Emmys:

  1. Julianne Moore can do a lot of things, but no one (I’m talking to you Danes & Bowen) can pull off that neon yellow/green bile color. Especially without a golden tan.
  2. “Homeland” cannot win enough awards to redeem Showtime from the human stain on their schedule that is “Gigolos .”
  3. Kerry Washington has a lisp. Who knew?
  4. I don’t want to live in a world where Kristen Wiig will never receive an Emmy for SNL.
  5. Thanks to her Snooki poof on steroids hair don’t, Ashley Judd can rest assured her cheeks are no longer the biggest and puffiest thing about her.
  6. Fans of CBS sitcoms are a lot like Scientologists, you know they are out there but no one has actually met one.
  7. When Damien Lewis goes missing, Jon Hamm and Michael C. Hall should be the first to be questioned.
  8. The camera loves Lena Dunham … when the hot guy on “Revenge” is sitting directly behind her.
  9. “American Horror Story” is a mini-series.

Without movie stars or musicians, the Emmys are generally the most boring of award shows and this year was no different.
Thank God for DVRs.

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September 12, 2012 // Faces