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2007 Oscars

Things I learned from watching the 79th Annual Academy Awards: 1. The 2007 Academy Awards shall go down as the Lesbian Oscars. From Ellen & Melissa to Jodie & Latifah, the ladies who love ladies were out, well sorta, in full force. Let the red carpet munching begin! 2. The Academy thinks the home audience

2007 Grammys

Due to the crisis in the East, my recap is coming a little later than normal. And by crisis I do mean the death of Anna Nicole Smith. You have no idea what the last few days have been like at work. Insane! But I digress. Things I learned by watching the 49th Annual Grammy

A Media Whore Is Born

Apparently, I’m not the only one who had issues with the film, as Mediabistro and World of Wonder gave my SAG recap a Little Sunshine of their very own.