November 2011 - J.LO | The Johnny LopezJ.LO | The Johnny Lopez

Things learned watching the 2011 American Music Awards:

1. There is something called Hot Chelle Rae. Who knew?
2. Driving the Fiat is the new jumping the shark.
3. Based on screen time, Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez were the only celebs in the audience.
4. Kelly Clarkson is a huge star.
5. needs a time out.
6. Pit Bull has to decide whether he’s Team Lopez or Team Skeletor already.
7. All music acts with the last name Perry are contractually bound to have bad hair.
8. Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga makes for good award show television. We missed you Stefani!
9. The only person Xtina hates seeing more than her trainer … Adam Levine!
10. Three words: Justin. Bieber. Shufflin’. That’s some serious L-wordMFAO!

First of all, apologies if you read some of these comments via my FB updates. If not, well then here’s my two cents about last night’s AMAs.

Johnny Lopez

P.S. You can’t tell but I was driving a Fiat while writing this!

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