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2013 Oscars

Ten things learned watching the 85th Annual Academy Awards: 1.       William Shatner and Kristen Chenoweth are Seth MacFarlane’s Rob Lowe and Snow White. 2.       All future hosts must insist Russell Crowe “sing” at every Oscars. 3.       Your chances of winning in sound categories double with purchase of Farrah Fawcett extensions. 4.       If Charlize Theron and

2013 Grammys

10 Things I Learned Watching the 55th Annual Grammy Awards:   1.     The only way peeps could hate Taylor Swift more is if she cut her hair and sang “I Dreamed a Dream.” 2.     CBS needs to realize it’s the Twitter-first Century. Ya need to air the Grammys live on the West Coast, boo boos.