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2010 VMAs

September 14, 2010 // Award Shows, VMA

10 Things learned watching the 2010 MTV VMAs

1. Kanye and Taylor Swift really need to get over it, because we did …12 months ago!

2. There was no red carpet last night, other than the area rug directly underneath Lady Gaga’s beef carpaccio panty liners.

3. Travie McCoy, Jason Derulo and B.o.B are not the same person.

4. I just don’t get the allure of gender illusionist Justin Bieber.

5. Jared Leto’s music career is officially more successful than his acting one.

6. I am living for Florence and the Machine. LIVING!

7. Nicki Minaj is Lady Gaga … with a sense of humor and a booty! Child!

8. Gaga really has to stop with the ‘little monsters’nonsense. No, seriously.

9. There were more redheads running amok at the Nokia Theater last night than in that entire MIA video. Ginger Power!

10. The construction crew at the Nokia should get an award for safely assembling and removing all the scaffolding … from around Cher’s face.

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