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“Senator, when you took your oath of office, youplaced your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold theConstitution. You didn’t place your hand on theConstitution and swear to uphold the Bible.” -Jamie Raskin,Law Professor at American University,testifying Wednesday, March 1, 2006 before theMaryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee inresponse to a question from Republican Senator


Hell hath no fury like an Oscar nomination scorned! Annie Proulx gets Jack Nasty on the Academy, CRASH and Scientology. LOVE IT!

BLACK.WHITE. and grey all over!

The new FX series Black.White. chronicles what happens when a white and black family switch races through the magic of Hollywood hair and makeup. The white family appears somewhat passable as black. The black family on the other hand looks about as believable as Tyra Banks did in the fat suit. What I want to

If it ain’t BROKEBACK, don’t fix it!

As you can tell from the recap, I was upset that CRASH hijacked the Best Picture Oscar from BROKEBACK. While there is no question that gay men live and love in Wyoming, I found CRASH full of coincidences that in the end made the film completely unrealistic. Anyone who believes that a white cop in


It was an historic Academy Awards.The host was funny, a rap group performed (and won) and with nominees “Capote”, “Transamerica”, “Brokeback Mountain” and Dolly Parton, the world watched the biggest gay bash since…well, last year’s show. While it was a year of “important” films dealing with themes like homosexuality, racism and censorship, it was also