If it ain’t BROKEBACK, don’t fix it!

As you can tell from the recap, I was upset that CRASH hijacked the Best Picture Oscar from BROKEBACK. While there is no question that gay men live and love in Wyoming, I found CRASH full of coincidences that in the end made the film completely unrealistic.

Anyone who believes that a white cop in present day Los Angeles would ever pick up a black teen hitchhiker for truly altruistic reasons probably also believes Eddie Murphy was just helping out his fellow MAN when he picked up pre-op transsexual prostitute Shalomar (aka Atisone Kenneth Seiuli) on Santa Monica Boulevard at 4am in 1997. Wait a minute. I think I just came across the best idea ever for a combined sequel (with bits of TransAmerica and Pretty Woman thrown in for good measure) BROKEBACK CRASH 2: THE EDDIE MURPHY STORY.
I think RuPaul’s Oscar dreams are slowly being realized.