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Anna Kendrick, Lindsey Vonn, Sofia Carson

While the world burns to the ground because of our garbage President, what I’m really afraid of is that Anna Kendrick will retaliate against me.

Be best, A!

Kathy Griffin bangsComedian Kathy Griffin was the apparent victim of a violent crime on Monday, when she was assaulted by a set of $2.99 Black & Decker™ dust brush clip-on bangs outside the Late Show with David Letterman in Manhattan.

Despite her visible injuries, the 54-year-old attempted to put on a brave face as she smiled and waved to fans while seemingly unbothered by her Rite-Aid bristle extensions’ uncanny resemblance to Annabelle from The Conjuring.

As a member of the Fashion Police, a full investigation is planned with the perpetrators expected to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

A rep for Griffin’s hairstylist released a statement saying: “I can’t weave.”