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RPDR All Stars 4

With all the deplorable crap going on in the world, one thing we can be thankful for is being gifted two All-Stars seasons in one calendar year!  As it’s only been 11 months since the premiere of All-Stars 3 in January, many of us are finally recovering from the subsequent controversial crowning of Shangela Trixie Mattel months later. HalleNOOOOO!

With that travesty behind us, here are three things I loved about the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4.

  1. Brown Cow stunning! Monique Heart proved that with a fierce wig and a house beat anything can be fabulous. HalleMOO!
  2. Winter is coming, but for Farrah Moan it’s all about THE FALL. Ouch! It was the death drop heard around the world & that I rewound five times to watch.  Guess her face isn’t the only thing beat for the gawds.
  3.  Give me some Latrice Royale all day, every day! #GGGGG

Without further ado, here are the All-Stars 4 celebrity twinsies.

Monique Heart may or may not be morally corrupt, but Faye Resnick has definitely got snatch game!

Monique Heart/Faye Resnick

Naomi Smalls is a replicant & her legs cut like a Blade …Runner.

Naomi Smalls/Daryl Hannah Blade Runner

Lawd have mercy, Trinity Taylor is full of Grace. Every girl knows a good tuck is a kween’s best friend!

Trinity The Tuck/Debra Messing

Latrice Royale is a big Star, so take a little time to enjoy this view.

Latrice Royale. Star Jones

Valentina is pretty Sly … Stallone’s wife.

You’re perfect. You’re beautiful. You look like Jennifer Flavin. You’re a model!

Valentina/Jennifer Flavin.

Is Farrah Moan a NYC nightlife sensation? No, but she is trying to keep it real, Amanda Lepore real.

Farrah Moan/Amanda LePore

Gia Gunn came back looking like a total Fox.

Gia Gunn/Megan Fox

The rumors are true, Monet X Change loves Tina!

Monet X Change/Tina Turner

Manila Luzon is so animated this season. She’s a real comic! #Nancy

Manila Luzon/Nancy

Sorry haters, but Jasmine Masters is an iconic comedian. Roo roo roo!

Jasmine MAsters/Arsenio Hall

Now sashay away until next week!

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Mariah Carey and Michael Caine in Dressed to KillContrary to what everyone is saying, Mariah Carey slayed it last night… by getting decked out in her best early ’80s transgender psychopath drag ala Michael Caine‘s ‘Bobbi’ in Brian De Palma’s camp classic thriller Dressed To Kill.

The 45-year-old’s interesting choice of attire during rehearsals for NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center made total sense once she murdered her latest rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You.

There were no survivors. May she rest.

After making a return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Adrienne Maloof showed off her brave new look on Watch What Happens Now with Andy Cohen.

In the words of Lisa Vanderpump’s party planner Kevin Lee, “it’s Chi Chi” … LaRue.

Chola brows are taking over the 90210!

The Cult of Britney™ and the Little Monsters were united through the powers of synthetic weaves and pancake makeup when the real Britney Jean Spears and Lady Gaga posed for this picture after the Toxic singer’s Vegas sideshow on Saturday night.

The duo look ready to participate on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ “Snatch Game “episode as  Tamar Braxton and Michael Caine in “Dressed to Kill.”

Tuck … for your life!

For reasons unknown to man, Richard Simmons traded his trademark Brillo weave and short-shorts for a blonde Michaele Salahi Rite Aid wig and reddish orange getup in L.A. on Tuesday.

The 65-year-old is sweatin’ to “The Real Housewives of DC.”



Miss Utah Marissa Powell knows answering a question coherently can be a total drag.

The 21-year-old may not be able to string a sentence together about income inequality in America, but she does know how to serve face like “the Vanessa Williams of drag” aka RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 fan favorite Alyssa Edwards.

While Marissa tries to figure out how to “create education better,” someone give this man a raise.