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Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears
Troubled actress Amanda Bynes was spotted being driven around Hollywood by an unknown male pal after getting her weave done up on Friday. Déjà vu, y’all!

But despite the state of her mental health, things may be looking up for the conservatorship wonder.

If history repeats itself, she’s about eight months away from releasing one of the best dance albums of the last ten years.


Amanda_AnnabelleJust days after her DUI arrest in Los Angeles, troubled former actress Amanda Bynes (left) conjured up a new look by sporting a bandage under her right eye in New York this weekend.

Simultaneously, creepy pigtailed doll Annabelle (right) proved to be a terrible smash earning $37.2 million at the box office.

A vacant stare, penciled Chola brows and a synthetic weave have never been this frightening.


Following in Britney Spears’ barefoot gas station footsteps, former actress Amanda Bynes was put on a 5150 hold and hospitalized after attempting to start a small fire outside a house in Thousand Oaks, CA on Monday night.

While ‘Manda wasn’t hauled off on a gurney a la Spears in 2008, the 27-year-old did show some creativity by making arson the new It crime in town. Even Lindsay hasn’t done that yet!

But let this be a cautionary tale to every wannabe young Hollywood imploding starlet … synthetic weaves are very flammable.