‘Drag Race’ Ru-cap: Sissy That Walk (Episode 12)

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It’s down to the final four, and the contestants are really starting to wig out as they shoot RuPaul’s latest music video. Check out the most outrageous thangs from last night’s final elimination before the finale episode.

Courtney Hack So Logo must be editing out some amazing footage of Courtney, right? I mean, can she really be so delusional that she has no clue whatsoever that she hasn’t been even remotely as fierce as she think she has? Maybe she’s convinced she’s still competing in some Australian drag competition television series, because the gurl is bananas. The simple fact is that she’s a man that can look like a gorgeous woman, but that alone doesn’t make a good drag queen. Where are the flawless performances, sassy one-liners or even this so-called amazing Idol voice of hers? All I see are exquisite legs, expensive wigs and contrived speeches. Plus, she doesn’t get that beneath all of Bianca Del Rio’s bitchy comments lies heart and truth, two things she doesn’t express in the least. Congratulations, Courtney, you have somehow managed to polish all the emotional realness from your act. sissy2

Ru are you? She always gives good tuck, but this week Ru got his panties in a wad to channel his inner Yul Brenner in The King and I as the eye patch-wearing photographer and a ‘70s Electric Company-era Morgan Freeman to play Charles in the “Sissy That Walk” acting challenge. Even after all these years the HBIC can still give you butch queen first time in man drag at the ball.

Adore-able Producers are making their case for the metamorphosis of Adore Delano from the Azusa boy in a Rite-Aid wig to the fully realized confident drag supastar that she is. After winning last week, and with not a single needle and thread required on this episode, she pretty much aced all of this week’s performance challenges. She also simultaneously produced just the right amount of tears—and heart-wrenching speeches—to win over Ru. Further working in her favor, and to the dismay of Courtney and Bianca, the show is known for loving an unpolished queen (Tyra Sanchez, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon). So unless her Twitter fans fuck it up, it appears in two weeks that her ‘trashy girl aesthetic’ may finally have a good reason to party. Besides, any twentysomething queen that can make a 1984 Phoebe Cates ‘Lace’ reference without skipping a beat is a winner in my book. sissy4

Bianca Del Ay Dios Mio! She’s been too strong for too long. And that’s why they tried to show cracks in Bianca’s pancake foundation by having Darienne Lake and Courtney blabber about her being nervous (s-t-r-e-t-c-h!) and showing her stumble a bit on the treadmill. Is that all they got? Ru said it best when he mentioned that Bianca helped out all the young gurls because they posed no threat to her. Because she’s the champion! While she displayed that she’s not completely comprised solely of bitchy retorts and one-liners by getting vulnerable, dropping her ‘wall’ and sullying up her eyeliner, BDR’s biggest flaw is that she doesn’t need the show to tell her she’s America’s Next Drag Superstar … she already is. tumblr_n54qvtiDwy1qzqtn5o1_2501

Too Little, Too Lake Just when you thought it was safe to dredge Darienne Lake, she goes and gets all touchy-feely and endearing with Ru. Plus you’ve got to give the beyatch props for maneuvering that treadmill like a pro, especially because you know she probably hasn’t been on one too often. DL ramped up the acting and put her back into it, getting so wrapped up in her melodramatic performance she even dared to flash one of her Jolie pork loins while writhing on the floor in hysterics. Throw in her established lip synch skills and she finally proved how talented she could be when not expending so much energy bitching about Dela, Bianca or her age. But in the end this glamazon may have been too big for her britches and had to sissy that walk on out the door.