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Britney_VideoWith her weave freshly fumigated and her body on a Cheetos detox, Britney Spears debuted her new music video for “Work Bitch which showcases the latest in arm dancing and hair flips … and the ability to emulate female pop stars that don’t phone it in.

The 31-year-old conservatorship wonder takes lip synching to new levels while borrowing from the Spice Girls ‘ “Say You’ll Be There”, Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face”, Beyonce‘s “Who Run the World (Girls)” and every S&M oriented image of Madonna from the last 25 years.

The Cult of Britney may call her Godney, but she’s really the MESSiah.

As if Britney Spears‘ vacant eyes, limp moves and monosyllabic groans weren’t enough proof, the lyrics to her latest song “Work B**ch!” finally put to rest any debate as to whether the conservatorship wonder really is one of the walking dead.

Now all those years of rockin’ lifeless weaves make sense.

BritkiniTo commemorate today being the sixth anniversary of The Great Britney Spears Live Stage Implosion & Bikini Meltdown of 2007, the 31-year-old conservatorship wonder showed off her fabulously reassembled divorced mother of two bits in a sexy toxic blue two-piece swimsuit on the set of her new video “Work Bitch” on Sunday.

After Brit Brit’s antics at the 2007 VMAs, no one thought she’d ever get her career, body or mind back. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

How are you celebrating today’s holiday?