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Let’s get soaking wet, as SCREAMING INTO TRAFFIC dives into the Olympic pool looking for speedos, smooth torsos & sketchy swimmers. Plus Britney Spears comes alive, Lady Gaga is reborn, Madonna celebrates a birth & Caitlyn Jenner transitions for the last time.


“The Soup” host Joel McHale turns 42 today … and his body of work is nothing to laugh at. Dayum!

So meaty!

Further proving why He is our Lord and Saviour, the heavenly body that is Ryan Gosling turns his Jesus Year of 33 today.

For you non-believers, 33 is commonly referred to as one’s “Jesus Year” as that was the alleged age of the Son of God when he was crucified.

Body of Christ, indeed.

20-year-old Nick Jonas finally put to rest any question as to who is the hottest Jonas Brother.

Jesus Christ, he’s perfect.

Jesse Metcalfe

“Dallas” line reader Jesse Metcalfe leaving an L.A. gym in all his sexy douchey shirtlessness.

He’s one fine jerk.

Ay papi.

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