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Gosling _Wax

Our Lord and Savior at Madame Tussuads in London.

Anatomically correct or not, we’ll take it.

PEOPLE magazine can rant and rave all they want about Adam Levine or Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper, but the real truth is undeniable.


Further proving why He is our Lord and Saviour, the heavenly body that is Ryan Gosling turns his Jesus Year of 33 today.

For you non-believers, 33 is commonly referred to as one’s “Jesus Year” as that was the alleged age of the Son of God when he was crucified.

Body of Christ, indeed.

"Only God Forgives" New York Premiere
Residents of New York City bore witness to the Rapture as the Almighty himself, Ryan Gosling, made a rare red carpet appearance in full human physical form at the premiere of his new film “Only God Forgives” on Tuesday. Check out those big bad man hands!

Even with his smooth ripped muscles safely ensconced underneath a cool sand-hued suit, the 32-year-old heavenly creature is hotter than hell.

Lawd have mercy.