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If you’re watching Pose on FX, then you know it’s time for the House of Celebrity Dopplegangers Ball.

Blanca, your category is: Fame, Oh What A Feeling Irene Cara Up in Pumps With A Twist.

Elektra, your category is: Do You Know Where You’re Going To As A Legendary Icon Serving 70s Supermodel Diana Ross Vogue. #Mahogany

Angel, your category is: Say Hello To My Little Italian-American Actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Stuntin’ As The Cuban Sis Of ‘ScarFACE’ Realness.

Pray Tell, your category is: Femme Queen First Time In A 90s Sitcom ‘Living Single’ At The Ball.

10s across the board, children. #WalkForMe


Versace: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Haute-Couture F/W 2013-2014
Naomi Campbell was schoolin’ life — and all the little anorexic model chilrins —  on how to own a catwalk as she strutted her 43-year-old fierceness down the runway for the Versace fashion show in Paris on Sunday.

Bow down … or you will be hit with a phone.