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North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un debuted his brand new ‘do and exquisitely manicured brows at a conference on Wednesday,  which appeared to have been inspired by meticulously shaved, waxed and tweezed Jersey Shore guido DJ Pauly D.

Gym. Tan. Labor camps.

But be forewarned, “fresh to death” means something completely different to the 32-year-old dictator.

Now that he’s a new dad, “Jersey Shore” guido Pauly D has really turned into royalty.

Rockin’ a perfectly lacquered regal blowout, exquisite silent screen star brows, a pair of gorgeous diamond studs and a huge, extravagant gold necklace that would make any ousted former First Lady envious, the 33-year-old DJ glowed at a cancer benefit in NYC this week. Gym, tan, Imelda Marcos!

If the shoe fits …