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Lilo_28 Lindsay Lohan is not cursed after all.

Although many were skeptical, the rehabtress pulled through and did what Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse sadly could not and made it to her 28th birthday.

While her two albums – ‘Speak’ and ‘A Little More Personal (Raw)’ – may not put LiLo anywhere near the talents of these dearly departed rock stars, she sure knows/knew how to party like one.

So regardless of what she does to celebrate tonight, we can all at least be thankful that she won’t be getting into The 27 Club.

Feliz Cumpleaños and Godspeed, Lindsay Dee.

Conservatorship wonder Britney Jean Spears turns 32 today, y’all.

Somethings never get old.

“The Soup” host Joel McHale turns 42 today … and his body of work is nothing to laugh at. Dayum!

So meaty!

Further proving why He is our Lord and Saviour, the heavenly body that is Ryan Gosling turns his Jesus Year of 33 today.

For you non-believers, 33 is commonly referred to as one’s “Jesus Year” as that was the alleged age of the Son of God when he was crucified.

Body of Christ, indeed.