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Live from New York, it’s Lady Gaga‘s latest VMA performance.

The artist formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta performed her new song “Applause” at last night’s MTV VMAs  and instead of copying Madonna, she replicated three old “Saturday Night Live” sketches: Justin Timberlake in Bring It On Down to Veganville, Martin Short as albino lounge singer Jackie Rogers Jr. and Mike Myers in Sprockets.

See, Lady Gaga really is a joke.

gaga_conjureLady Gaga revealed the cover art for her new single “Applause” … and it’s a haunting image.

While many are saying it’s similar to a look Madonna wore on her “Girlie Show” tour in 1993 … there are also touches of everyone’s new favorite creepy horror doll, Annabelle from “The Conjuring.” Synthetic weave sold separately.

Miss me?