How To Get Away With … Being a Soul Man?!

Alfred Enoch and C.Thomas HowellIn case you missed it, the most shocking thing on last night’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder wasn’t the hot gay sex, the de-wigging of Viola Davis or the last nine words her character of Annalise Keating uttered (why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?).

Here’s Alfred Enoch as teacher’s pet Wes Gibbons on the new ABC hit show (left) – and C.Thomas Howell wearing a really bad Rite-Aid wig and makeup in the 1986 comedy Soul Man (right).

While both play law students with a penchant for  blue and green plaid shirts, only Howell’s character had to take a “large dose of tanning pills” in order to quality for a minority scholarship.

Even Shonda Rhimes wouldn’t create a storyline that bonkers.