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The biggest challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race this year is finding two kweens who can adequately lip sych. Did they not DVR the last eight 7 seasons (thou shalt not include that Violet Chachki debacle)?!

With this week’s daytime TV challenge – and work room dramz – eating up time, we got a blink and you’ll miss it naughty nighty runway.  Wait, was that Aja? Alexis Michelle, where you at?! Valentina, I think I see you.

Three things I loved this week: 1. Nina Bo’ Nina Brown Osama Bin Laden Rodham Clinton Newton John & Eureka‘s ramen weave and ham implants lewks for less segment. “Beef flavor? It’s chicken, bitch!” DEAD! 2. Charlie Hides‘ emotional account of surviving the AIDS crisis.  Chilrins, we must never forget!  3. The kween/PA/whoever yelling: “Come on Charlie! Do something, Charlie!” during Charlie’s rigor mortis lip sync of Britney‘s “I Wanna Go.” OBSESSED! I’ve watched it like 10 times. Sashay away, Chuckie baby!

Three things I hated this week: 1. The stunted runway. I need to see the LEWKS! 2. Nina Bo’Nina weirdly edited crying fit on the runway. Huh? What did I miss? Get it together mama. You are the fiercest beyatch in this house! 3. Trinity Taylor‘s fabulous  high energy Tawny Kitaen/ Whitesnake (Google her, kids) performance. I hated it because it forced me to like TT! Damn you, RPDR! Shante you stay, Trin … for now.

Now to the #SnatchGame wannabe matter at hand: the week 4 side-by-sides. Enjoy!


1. Nina Bo’Nina Brown doesn’t need no hateration, holleration in this dancery!

What’s the 4-1-1, Miss Nina?!


2. Trinity Taylor  — I’m a lawyer!

She better plead the fifth for this Gloria Allred realness.


3. Things are looking Rosie for Aja.

Category is: Boricuas from Brooklyn first time in drags at the ball.


4. Turns out, Charlie Hides is very catty.

Drag Race or not, Charlie gets a lot of work. Jocelyne Wildenstein is my spirit animal.


5. Valentina is living … Lohan.

Don’t get banged up, V. Call an uber!


6. Eureka – You’re terrible, Muriel!

She’s always the bridesmaid …


7. Cynthia Lee Fontaine is a real mutha.

But can we make Keepin’ Up with the KuKu a real thing?!


8. Sasha Velour goes Deeper & Deeper.

She and Shea may have won this week, but there’s only one queen & that’s Madonna.


9. Shea Culee is Robin & stealing from the other gals.

Shea should host GM Heeey!


10. Peppermint is in the spot tonight!

Pepper knows there ain’t nothing wrong with being a Mary.


11. Farrah Moan is still in the running to be America’s Next Top Model Drag Superstar.

But let’s hope she fares better than Rita Ora. #fired


12. Alexis Michelle is a Real Housewife of Melbourne?

Looks like drag is really big Down Under! #GinaLiano


Extra special mention:

Charlie Hides was sent home, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a 50something queen who lip syncs.

Now get all the feels with this week’s UNTUCKED below:




This week RuPaul’s Drag Race was all about the fairy tales.

And while some of the kweens got dragged for their princess lewks, (ahem, Farrah Moan, Aja, Kimora Blac) I think they all failed with that whole come up with an interesting sidekick thing. Well, minus Nina Bo’ Nina Brown, who continues to be fierce AF!

Three things I loved this week:  1. Cynthia Lee Fontaine‘s “cucu” explanation. Culo. Caca. Cucu! By the way, still not sick of it. 2. Alexis Michelle reading the Instagram children for their over-reliance on Facetune. Preach! I’ll say it again, If I can tell you used Facetune, you failed! 3. And, on a serious note, managing to touch on the Pulse tragedy. 🙏🏽



Three things I hated this week: 1. Kimora Blac‘s “adjective” failure. (How about idiot & irritating?)  2. Kimora Blac’s zombie Sheena of the Jungle lewk. 3.  Kimora Blac’s lip sync. (Here are some more adjectives: lazy, sad, awful). Sashay away, lady.

Congrats to Aja. She hasn’t won me over, but she did own that performance. Disastah it was not. I’m still holding out for a hero, but Bonnie Tyler would be proud.

And while we are getting closer and closer to Snatch Game, here are the week 3 side-by-sides. This week was the toughest yet. Enjoy!

1.Trinity Taylor has jumped the (left) shark!

She won this week and proved she really is fishy.


2. Shea Culee is werking her magic.

Hocus pocus, she could win it all!


3. Charlie Hides was Absolutely Fabulous, finally.

But she is a sweetie, darling!


4. Eurkea is a screen legend.

Just like Cleopatra, she wants that crown.


5. Valentina doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10K.

V is for Vogue!

Yeah, I know Cheyenne Jackson referenced Linda Evangelista, but it’s what I was thinking too. I swear.


6. Peppermint is out of this galaxy.

Beam her up, Ru!


7. Cynthia Lee Fontaine is a Holly Golightly.

Breakfast at Cucu’s, anyone?


8. Aja‘s hair and makeup is scary funny.

Bride of Frankenstein be damned, being compared to Carol Burnett is always a compliment.


9. Live with Farrah Moan?

Kelly Ripa, shante you stay.


10. Nina Bo’Nina Brown is keeping up with the Jones.

She’s showing some amazing Grace.


11. Alexis Michelle is a plain Jayne.

Jayne Meadows realness, kids.


12. Sasha Velour, you little devil, you.

She’s bringing the Community together with this getup. #JimRash


13. Kimora Blac is Tonto.

Since tonto in Spanish means dumb, she nailed it. Bye gurl, bye!

But if you want to get some feels for Kimora, check out this week’s UNTUCKED below.

Episode 2 side-by-sides:

Premiere Episode side-by-sides:

This week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race revealed the return of Cynthia Lee Fontaine and her infamous “cucu” as the 14th contestant. #TeamCuCu

While I’m glad CLF is doing much better following her liver cancer diagnosis, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was secretly rooting for Ru & crew to throw first season viewers a bone with the return of Nina Flowers!

Three things I loved about this episode: RuPaul back in drag (we can all exhale now, henny), Michelle Visage looking more sickening than evah (supamodel of the world!), and hearing the word “cucu” cackled across my TV 30 times in 60 minutes. For some reason I don’t tire of it …yet!

Three things I hated about this episode: Lisa Kudrow‘s three second appearance. Bring back Valerie Cherish as a judge. We all need to see that! One of the kweens (Trinity? Shea? can’t remember) telling Cynthia “it’s crazy that you could die at any moment.” Gee, thanks for that!  And lastly, the worst lip sync in drag herstory. With the B-52’s watching in dismay, both ladies were tin roof BUSTED. Regardless, I still think Jaymes was the true winner of that debacle. Kimora Blac’s attitude needs to sashay away. Plus I lived for Jaymes’ cheerleading roll. #JusticeForJaymesMansfield


And since I can’t stop my side-by-side addiction, here are the kweens and their episode 2 lookalikes. #HowManyWeeksUntilSnatchGame

1. Cynthia Lee Fontaine … Is Villainous?

Ok, she may really by a sweetheart, but her cucu was totally giving off Ursa from Superman II vibes.


2. Aja really is fashion!

The Brooklyn kween is giving Maya Rudolph, Gina Gershon & Penelope Cruz a run for their biopic money, dahling!


3. Speaking of Penny, Valentina may just CRUZ to the finish line.

For your consideration … V is gorgeous in any language.


4. Shea Culee is a proud Mary!

Don’t tell Ike, but Shea has a hit on her hands with that classic early ’70s Tina Turner wig. Rollin’!


5. Eurkea is a doll!

With apologies to Katya & Trump’s Kremlin Klan, but this week Eureka is the only Russian plaything we want.


6. Alexis Michelle has us tickled P!nk!

Fierce, but she better get this party started if she wants to last in the game.


7. Farrah Moan goes full Xtina on us.

Despite being a Vegas gal, Farrah still needs to show me how you Burlesque.


8. Nina Bo’Nina Brown Is a Babe.

Nina doesn’t need a Baywatch lifeguard, cuz she already got her flotation devices on lock. Also, Traci Bingham — ‘memba her?


9. Trinity Taylor is Robyn the competition

But will she wind up dancing on her own off the stage?


10. Peppermint is so beyond …Thunderdome.

We don’t need another hero, P.


11. Sasha Velour, supermodel of the world!

When you rock a lewk as good as iconic 85-year-old supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice, then shante you stay as long as you want. Yes, ma’am!


12. Charlie Hides is having Nun of this!

Put your paws down, Sister. Gaga was last week!


13. Jaymes Mansfield wasn’t made-for-TV.

She can now join Loni Anderson in the failed Mansfield wannabes club.


14. Kimora Blac some way, somehow lives to see another day. Next!


She Done Already Done Brought It On … so watch this week’s UNTUCKED below.



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In the words of RuPaul: “Christy, foxy lady, out of sight.”


Move over Beyoncé, there’s a new Queen B in town, and her name is Bianca Del Rio.

Polar caps may be melting, airliners have gone missing and there’s a war in the House of Deréon, but my faith in humanity has been completely restored by RuPaul crowning Bianca Del Rio America’s Next Drag Superstar. Sometimes nice guys don’t finish last, even when they are reading you to filth!

While I do love Adore Delano with her drags to riches self-empowerment Cinderfella fairytale story, and no one can deny that Courtney Act sho iz pretty, neither could compare with the unstoppable force and unwavering brilliance of BDR’s rapid-fire wit, sewing skills and almost flawless execution of challenges.

Even when teamed against two Idol opponents with stellar voices, Bianca proved she didn’t need to know how to sing to hit a high note as she stole the show with her stand-out verse of the mutha fuckin’ Top Three number.

Adore became a star this season, while Courtney was so busy telling us how great she is that she actually forgot to show us. But Bianca didn’t have to learn her worth or endlessly talk up her game. A true champion never does.

In the end, B didn’t win the crown and Ru didn’t give it to her—she simply claimed what was rightfully hers from the start. And to do that definitely takes charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.


Here are 10 things learned watching the season six finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race:

10. For RPDR it does get better! Viacom (Logo’s parent company) has finally shown the network’s lone hit some love with an over-the-top finale that had a real budget, featuring a proper stage, backup dancers and more wigs and sequined gowns in the audience than a Real Housewives casting call. Bravo!

9. There’s a reason certain kweens go home first. Kelly Mantle and Magnolia Crawford (or was it Peg Bundy and Patsy Stone?) had three months (actually longer since the show was taped last summer) to come up with an amazing one-liner to make themselves even remotely more memorable or endearing, and their vegan/nose jokes were all that they could come up with. Sashay away.

8. With her Grace Jones-meets-Dynasty’s Dominique Devereaux swagger, Vivacious needs to be runway walk mentor on every future season of RPDR. MUTHA needs to ‘give hips for your nerves’ to America on a weekly basis! I wanna learn whatever she’s teaching.

7. There’s something fishy about Gia Gunn, Laganja Estranja and Darienne Lake … and it’s that they all got nicer! Apparently reality TV does a c*nty attitude good. Sometimes the only way to really see who you are is to watch yourself on television. It’s the most likable and least irritating the three of them have ever been. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but shanté you stay!

6. Trinity K. Bonet is a white chick. No, seriously, she was serving Shawn and Marlon Wayans in White Chicks realness. All she needs is Iggy Azalea on board and they’ve got the sequel in the bag.

5. Televised marriages of all kind (gay, straight, Kardashian) must stop immediately. The sentiment may be there, but just like Britney’s wigs, they cheapen everything. And by the way, condragulations to Joslyn Fox’s fiancé, Andre—you just married your lover’s alter ego!

4. Courtney and Chaz Bono’s bizarre and semi-sexual relationship has the makings of a CBS sitcom. But forget Kevin James and Leah Remini, because they give new meaning to the King of Queens.

3. Adore and Laganja’s televised confrontation was painful to watch … and not just because of their raw, pancake-free mugs! While having it take place in what looked to be the basement of a Food 4 Less in Van Nuys didn’t help, bringing them in to watch their emotional fight in front of cameras came off a bit too gratuitous. But in the end it made you adore Adore even more as she refused to play up the dramz on-screen and actually took the conversation where it needed to be—in private. Now that’s keepin’ it real!

2. Michelle Visage is not having Laganja. No way. No how. That stare will cut you. She was giving facial expression for the GAWDS! The contestants may all be playing nice now, but MV don’t have to. All tea, all shade. Okkrrrr!

1. They really need to reveal the winner LIVE. Taping all three possible outcomes leaves the newly crowned drag superstar producing a reaction more typical of being told you just won a free foot long at Subway, which actually may have been Bebe Zahara Benet’s grand prize in Season 1! Minus her crocodile tears, Bianca couldn’t have seemed less enthused. Take your rhinestone scepter and smile, gurl! Also, I normally object to its stereotypical overuse in gay club scenes in film and TV shows, but if ever there was a time for dropping confetti from the ceiling, it’s after winning a $100K on a televised drag competition! Trust!